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China TrueSci is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of customized slip rings. We are a professional company equipped with productive factory and skilled engineering team, able to design and produce the most reliable customized slip ring products. Welcome to contact us for our excellent service for your slip ring projects. We are quite good at customized slip ring projects.

With ISO9001 quality management certification and Weapon Equipment Quality Management System Certification, TrueSci Fine Works pay high attention to the quality and reliability of our slip rings. We belong to the Third-Class Military Industrial Confidentiality Qualified Corporation.

Please refer to some of our custom projects for slip rings as below:


Mini Compact Slip Ring

Low Frequency Slip Ring

RF Slip Ring

mini compact slip rings by China manufacturer and supplier china manufacturer and supplier of low frequency slip rings rf slip rings made by china factory and solution designer




Ethernet Slip Ring Compound Slip Ring Split Slip Ring
ethernet slip ring by china manufacturer China-truesci china solution designer and product developer of compound slip rings china solution provider and manufacturer of split slip rings

Large Power Slip Ring Deep water Slip Ring High sky Slip Ring
large power slip rings by china solution provider and product developer deep water slip rings designed by china manufacturer and product developer high sky slip rings developed by china solution designer and producer
  Fiber Optic Rotary Joints (FORJs)  
optic fiber rotary joint / slip ring

For more than 20 years, we have proudly supplied a large library of designs of slip rings in various configurations for various applications from miniature slip rings to large scale slip rings. Our quality slip rings have been widely used in radars, military weapons, aerospace equipments, aircrafts, ships, engineering machinery, wind power generators, oil-drilling, security monitors, and etc.

As a confident manufacturer with strong R&D team and rich manufacturing experience, we warmly welcome complicated and sophisticated projects of slip rings that are required to work under tough environment, such as armored vehicle turrets, submarine periscopes, aircraft electro-optical systems, satellites, and etc.

We China TrueSci Fine Works put our customers first and we pay top attention to quality. We deliver reliable slip ring products, competitive pricing, superb technical support, and short lead times through our capable R&D team and efficient manufacturing processes. Not only do we provide the slip ring, slip ring assembly, and motor assemblies that meet your special specifications, we offer value-added services to provide you with exactly what is needed quickly and cost-effectively. We offer the best products in the industry of slip rings accurately.

Please feel free to contact us for high quality service and reliable products. We treasure the opportunity to be your best supplier of slip rings. We have the expertise to design and build slip rings for any application such as radar system, military weapons, aerospace equipments, aircrafts, ships, engineering machinery, industrial robots, oil well logging tools and security monitors, and etc. We have been involved in the design and manufacturing of tens of thousands of slip ring assemblies for all industries. We know clearly how to build a highly reliable slip ring assembly and we aim to meet your unique demand with high efficiency and competitive price.

China TrueSci industrial slip rings provide the solution to transmit electric power and electrical signals from stationary to rotating units in all types of machines like radar system, antenna dishes, revolving cranes, rotating purifiers in sewage or water treatment facilities, carrousels, manipulators, wrapping machines, theatre stages, wind turbines as well as in cable reels. Our fully developed and versatile standard program facilitates to assemble slip ring assemblies with any number of poles. Current ratings up to 1200 A and voltages up to 24 kV are possible. The range in size for the slip ring assemblies starts with 30 mm up to 360 mm diameter and lined up to 100-poles. Slip ring assemblies can be supplied either as open, “non-enclosed” types for special customer adaptations, or totally enclosed with high impact plastic or galvanised steel housing even for hazardous locations. Additional rotating couplings are available for fluids or gases and fiber optic swivels can be integrated.

Slip rings ensure engineering and design teams no longer require timely – and often costly – workarounds in order to power rotating devices, whether they be motors, military devices or rotating electrical assemblies. Playing a major role in improving mechanical performance, as well as simplifying operations, they have further further eliminated the threat of damaged and hazardous wiring and cable connections in moving joints.

Slip rings handle either power, data or both across a number of rings on which a spring or other loaded contact finger, ring or brush is held in place to pass power as the rings rotate. Power levels range from milliwatts to hundreds of kilowatts dependent on application. In general slip rings are used to transmit power, signals or data, pneumatic and hydraulic, from a stationary to a rotating platform. The transmission between the stator and rotor takes place via sliding contacts and is extremely reliable. The construction is modular and offers the greatest flexibility in a variety of applications.

By manufacturing, designing and developing slip rings, China TrueSci offer a large range of sophisticated signal transfer systems transferring signals and electrical power between static and rotating parts.

Military Slip Rings

The slip ring used in military application is called military slip ring or rotary joint. Military grade slip rings usually need to be customized with precision, which is the main business of China TrueSci. Our slip rings have been successfully performing in aerospace, deep sea and military applications. These products are developed for extreme reliability, rugged environments and demanding requirements. They are engineered to withstand extreme temperatures, severe shock, constant vibration and a variety of other potentially destructive factors. Machine builders, engineers and end users around the world rely on reliable quality slip rings when their livelihoods are on the line.

Along with the improvement and development of advanced technologies, the slip ring application for military equipment has become wider and greater. Military applications has quite strict requirement for slip ring, especially for the quality and stability. High Performance & Extreme Environments are the basic requirements. China TrueSci is in a good position to provide customized service of slip rings for military project. China TrueSci works closely with the customer to meet the strict challenge of requirement, often delivering an unprecedented level of efficiency, durability and precision.

Nowadays, people know slip ring deeper and understand how important slip ring is for so many machines and systems, including the military applications. In the future, the development of military equipment will be more intended to the automation feature. Military robotics, for example, have rotating joint which must use slip ring to solve the problem of flexibility and stability. Generally speaking, the main applications of slip rings for military purpose are radar, tank, military airplane, satellite, missile defense system and so on. For this kind of military field, we offer and design slip rings to meet our customers' demand for High Frequency Slip Rings, Fiber Optical Rotary Joints, Customized Through Hole Slip Rings, and etc. For a  slip ring, we make a big difference in a smaller package. The military slip rings have below features:

  • With higher level of protection

  • Require super precision and accuracy

  • Able to withstand extreme high or low working temperature

  • Multi-circuit, big current and high voltage

  • Shock and vibration resistant

  • Low electrical noise and high frequency range

  • Low signal transmission loss and high isolation

  • Compact structure, easy installation, very long life time

Robotics Slip Rings

Because of complicated rotary joint and inconvenient installation and maintenance, robot adopts slip rings to realize 360 degree unlimited rotation and to transmit power and signal combination. Industrial robots have become a key factor for many manufacturer where automation is so important. Robots reduce labor cost and provide increased productivity and efficiency while maintaining high quality output. And flexibility is added to the manufacturing process so that multiple tasks are accomplished smoothly. For robotics slip ring, the circuits could be up to 200 or more and can transfer USB, Ethernet, RS, Canbus, encoder, thermocouple, digital and analog signals. Robotics slip ring has features of low work speed, longer life time and free of maintenance. The slip rings are used for Robotics arms, Pick and place, Sensors, Semiconductor, and wafer equipment for robotics.

According to the application environment of robotics, the adopted slip rings can be divided into two parts: industrial robot slip rings and special type robot slip rings. Industrial robot has multi-joint or multiple degree of freedom. Special type robot can be various advanced ones that serve human in non-manufacturing industry, including service robot, underwater robot, military robot, agriculture robot, entertainment robot and so on. We can customize different designs of slip rings according to your special and unique requirement. We design slip ring with the key high performance characteristics to meet the robot's requirements.

CCTV Slip Rings

Security industry has increased gradually with the global market economy development, while people are paying more attention to security. At the same time, video surveillance has achieved great development. Camera is extensively used in many different places because of its unique performance and function, such as highway, railway, airport, port, square, station and so on. Security cameras and CCTV cameras are commonly required to turn 360 degrees continuously, and generally, must be packaged into a compact assembly. We design slip rings to transmit signal and high definition signal for cameras and CCTV cameras with compact size, quiet operatio and low cost, the channel number of which could be up to 12 and the frequency can be achieved up to 50GHz, able to transmit analog or digital signal to meet special demand of customer.

Slip Rings for Automation System

The slip ring belongs to the mechanical industry. Automation technology is now widely used in industry, agriculture, military, scientific research, traffic transport, commerce, medical service and so on. Slip ring is an important rotating joint in mechanical automation equipment. And the technology of slip ring has become mature step by step. Carbon brush slip ring design has now changed to gold to gold contact with compact structure, easier for installation and more convenient for maintenance.

With the continuous innovation, slip ring has been widely used in packing machine, printing equipment, intelligent electrical equipment, mechanical equipment and so on.

Recommended product in automation application---Capsule slip ring & Through hole slip ring.


  • Compact design and structure

  • Signal and current combined transmission

  • Small torque and low electrical noise

  • Smooth operation and longer life time

  • Easy installation and maintenance free

China TrueSci, as the largest slip ring manufacturer in China, we design different slip ring structure to meet every special demand in automation application in this industry. We believe we have obligations and ability to contribute our strength for global mechanical automation industry.

Slip Rings for Engineering Machinery

Slip ring has been used extensively in the field of engineering machinery application, playing a very important rotating part in these equipment. Engineering machinery can be divided into many different fields such as crane, port machinery, excavator, marine machinery, agricultural machinery, fire truck, tail lift truck, and etc. The slip ring in crane application is mainly installed on the center of gyration, transferring power and signal together.

Normally, this kind of slip ring has below features:

  • Big current and dimension

  • Compact structure and longer life time

  • High protection degree, high shock resistant and low temperature for special environment

  • Easy installation and smooth operation

  • Metal housing and precious metal contact materials

  • Power and signal combination

  • Maintenance free

Slip Rings for Medical Equipment

A slip ring is an electromechanical device that allows the transmission of power and electrical signals from a stationary to a rotating structure. Slip ring is also called rotary electrical joint, collector or electric swivel. A slip ring can be used in any electromechanical system that requires unrestrained, intermittent or continuous rotation while transmitting power and/or data/signal. Slip ring can improve mechanical performance, simplify system operation and eliminate damage-prone wires dangling from movable joints.

The slip rings adopt the advanced precious metal fiber brush wire technology and unique shielding method to ensure reliable signal, low working voltage, low abrasion, and low loss contacting design, which exactly realize longer life time and free maintenance. Slip rings has been widely used on medical equipment, such as shadowless lamp, CT machine and monitoring machine.

Slip rings for Energy (Wind Turbine Generator)

Today, wind is one of the fastest growing energy technologies. Wind power involves converting wind energy into electricity by using wind turbines. The slip ring can be part of a large wind turbine electric pitch control system with the option to integrate hydraulic pitch control systems if required. Modern wind turbines require delivery of power and signals to and from the rotating blades by a reliable rotary union assembly. Obviously the quality of the slip ring is a key determinant in the quality of the overall wind turbine generation system.

Slip rings are mostly used to provide electrical signal and power for blade pitch power and control. In the hydraulic system, slip ring and fluid rotary union need to be combined to provide multiple signals, electric and hydraulic power transmission for the hydraulic blade pitch actuation. In the electric system, it need slip ring with higher power circuits transmit signals and electric power for the electric blade pitch actuation. High power slip ring is needed to provide high current transmission for energizing the rotor coils in the direct drive system.

Nowadays, around 10 percent of wind turbine slip ring in the market are using fiber brush contact materials. This kind of slip ring only need to be maintained rarely. Another 60 percent of slip ring in the market are made of composite metal brush, normally combined with metal and graphite, they require maintenance frequently. The remaining 30 percent wind turbine slip ring adopt single precious metal brush, with better performance than above two types. The main reason is that composite metal brush design can wear brush in advance to avoid slip ring attrition. But composite metal brush materials is very sensitive to humidity. If Humidity is lower than 15% or higher than 85%, it could lead to uneven wearing. The other problem is that when it is used for signal circuits, these composite metal brush will occupy a great of space.

The slip rings for wind industry need to be designed to match harsh environment. Usually they need to resist extreme high or low temperature, invasion of sand & dust and corrosion of seawater.

Marine Slip Ring

Marine application has extreme requirements of slip rings due to its harsh marine environment and increasing transmission requirements. Marine slip rings are performing their function in underwater vehicles, marine satellite antenna systems, marine winches, sonar devices, seismic and oceanographic exploration equipments. Remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) and satellite communication systems as two important end-users of slip rings in marine application. The growing use of underwater robots for deepwater oil and gas industry promotes the development of ROV slip ring systems. Slip rings used in deepwater must withstand extreme underwater environments such pressure and shock and corrosion. Satellite antenna communication system can automatically identify, acquire, and track satellite signals, it is essential for marine communication from the target to remote monitoring location. It contains three key elements—RF cable, RF connector and antenna. Antenna is the first element of the input system to wireless signal receiving system, because antenna system enables two way communications between the ground and another fast moving station, then people can track radar, airplane, boast and moving vehicles from monitoring station. As antenna system must be driven in 360° horizontal or vertical rotation, so it needs a slip ring to incorporate into the antenna system to solve voltage and signal control from one stationary part to rotor part.

Through Bore Slip Ring

Through bore slip rings (also known as "through hole slip ring") are slip ring with through bore. This series of slip rings are designed for being installed with flange on a sleeve bracket, also they totally meet with continuous transmission of power and/or signal under 360 degree unrestrained rotations. This kind of slipring use hollow shaft that applies the best advanced fiber brush technology and precious metal multi-contacting, low noise, low contact pressure and maintenance free. China TrueSci Fine Works are ready here to meet your demand for any through bore size, circuits, current according to your special requirement in different applications.

Capsule Slip Ring

Capsule slip ring enjoys the main feature of compact design which could provide signal/power combination circuits ( Ethernet, USB, RS, Canbus, video, sensor, power, control, etc. ). From the dimension design, this kind of compact slip ring could be divided into miniature slip ring, super mini slip ring and mirco slip ring. The standard diameter of this series can be from 8.3mm-35mm, also it adopts advanced standard military degree surface processing technology to meet the demand of every customer. Gold to gold contact materials could make sure low electrical noise and longer work life time, especially suit for small and medium size equipment to transmit weak signal.

Ethernet Slip Ring

Ethernet slip ring is specially designed for transmitting Ethernet signal, which mainly used for high definition video motoring system. The Gigabit Ethernet slip rings are designed as per international standards of Ethernet protocol, this kind of slip ring can be combined with multi-circuits for power and different signal at the same time. The transmission frequency could be up to 250MHz, also transmission rate can reach 1Gbps.

China TrueSci industrial slip rings provide the solution to transmit electric power and electrical signals from stationary to rotating units in all types of machines like radar system, antenna dishes, revolving cranes, rotating purifiers in sewage or water treatment facilities, carrousels, manipulators, packing machines, theatre stages, wind turbines as well as in cable reels. Our fully developed and versatile standard program facilitates to assemble slip ring assemblies with any number of poles. Current ratings up to 1200 A and voltages up to 24 kV are possible. The range in size for the slip ring assemblies starts with 30 mm up to 360 mm diameter and lined up to 100-poles.

TrueSci Fine Works has developed to be a leading designer, manufacturer, and integrator of precision slip rings assembly products in China. Our high-performance slip rings are used widely in radar system, military weapons, robotics, industrial machinery, wind energy, marine applications, and medical equipment worldwide. We committed ourselves to the development, designing, manufacturing and marketing of high quality, extremely reliable and competitive cost precision slip rings for a large variety of applications. Our high-performance slip rings are designed for use in a wide range of high-end OEM applications. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide the right solution for the right application of slip rings. If you have specific customized requirement, please feel free to consult us so that our sales engineer could recommend the most suitable product to you for you reference.

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