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Low Frequency Slip Ring

Description of our low frequency slip ring:
  • One piece structure covering both the rotor and stator. Compact structure with small size for convenient installation, mainly for transmission of low current and low frequency signals.
  • The through hole can be realized at the axis center.
  • Superposition of electrical path along the axial direction, adopting gold to gold multi-points contact between the brush and the ring with least friction coefficient, contact resistance and resistance fluctuation.
  • Endurable with long working life.
  • Insulation materials with excellent electric properties are used between adjacent electrical paths.
  • Insulation and shielding treatment well handled on the power and signal channel accordingly.
  • Capable of adapting to various environment such as high temperature, low temperature, impacting, vibration, salt spray, damp heat, water saturation, and etc.
Features of our low frequency slip ring:
  • Compact design with small size and dimension.
  • Flexible structure, easy and convenient for installation.
  • Low temperature rising during power transmission.
  • With least electromagnetic radiation.
  • Strong anti-interference signal transmission with least loss
  • Strong adaptation to various environment.
  • Wide applications fields.
  • Can be integrated with optical fiber/liquid (gas) rotary joints.
  • Maintenance-free during working life.
Typical Applications of our low frequency slip ring:
  • Various Telecommunication Systems.
  • Radar Systems.
  • Fire Control Systems.
  • Precision Detection Machines.
  • Robots.
Customized Options:
  • Outline dimensions.
  • Installation size and installation mode.
  • Materials of housing.
  • Surface treatment.
  • Electrical connection (Wiring and connector).
  • Experiment projects.

Manufacturer and Designer of One Piece Structure Slip Rings for Transmission of Low Current and Low Frequency Signals.

Manufacturer and Designer of One Piece Structure Slip Rings for Transmission of Low Current and Low Frequency Signals. Manufacturer and Designer of One Piece Structure Slip Rings for Transmission of Low Current and Low Frequency Signals.

Parameters of our low frequency slip ring:




Environmental Parameter




Operating Temperature


-60+60 / 0+150

Operating Humidity



Electric Parameters

Voltage Rating



Current Rating



Electrical Noise



Insulation Resistance



compression strength



Signal Parameters

Signal Types

Audio, video, under 100 KBPS digital signals, control signal, bus signal and sensor signals

Signal Channels



Electrical Noise



Mechanical Parameter

Rotary Rate



Center Through Bore




≥10 million r

≥40 million r

* Depends on product application.

We are in a good position to design electric slip rings to withstand the extreme conditions that are often encountered in outdoor and marine applications. From wind turbines and outdoor pan-tilt heads to marine cable reels and downhole inspection equipment, these harsh environment electric slip rings are durable and reliable enough for even the most demanding applications.

Our high-performance slip ring products are designed for use in a wide range of high-end OEM applications. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide the right precision solution for the right application. We produce a wide variety of electric motors and slip ring assemblies, including miniature capsule slip rings, through hole slip rings, RF slip rings, compound slip rings, split slip rings, large power slip rings, deep water slip rings, ethernet slip rings, and etc. Our substantial product offering enables us to address all slip ring applications. China TrueSci offers quick, cost-effective customization of our products to meet your unique specifications.

Slip rings ensure engineering and design teams no longer require timely – and often costly – workarounds in order to power rotating devices, whether they be motors, military devices or rotating electrical assemblies. Playing a major role in improving mechanical performance, as well as simplifying operations, they have further further eliminated the threat of damaged and hazardous wiring and cable connections in moving joints.

Slip rings handle either power, data or both across a number of rings on which a spring or other loaded contact finger, ring or brush is held in place to pass power as the rings rotate. Power levels range from milliwatts to hundreds of kilowatts dependent on application.

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