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Compound Slip Ring (photoelectric, liquid, gas)

Description of our compound slip ring:
  • The photoelectric and liquid (gas) compound slip ring is used between the rotor and stator for transmission of various signals and liquid (gas) medium simultaneously.
  • Our compound slip ring can adopt radial direction integration with high concentricity and compact size.
  • Our compound slip ring can adopt axial direction integration with easy and convenient disassembly and maintenance.
  • High speed photo signal transmission and high bandwidth, where WDM technology can be adopted.
  • Our compound slip ring ensures there is no leakage of signal transmission and no electromagnetic interference. It is in a good position to realize long distance and multi-channel bi-directional transmission.
  • It adopts non-contact transmission of the photo signals, without friction wearing so to realize long working life.
  • The photo signal transmission does not produce any electric spark and it can be used in hazardous environment such as combustible environment or explosive environment.
  • The liquid (gas) channel uses special sealing according to different transmission medium, working pressure and working environment to ensure long working life.
  • It is designed to avoid crossed contamination when there are different mediums transmitted in the liquid (gas) channel.
Features of our compound slip ring:
  • Compact structure with small size, easy for installation.
  • Photo signal transmission channel allows bi-directional transmission with low insertion loss and strong anti-interference capability against Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI).
  • The liquid (gas) channels are designed to avoid leakage with high reliability.
  • It is able to integrate two or more transmission mediums.
Typical Applications of our compound slip ring:
  • Radar system.
  • Ships and vessels.
  • Heavy Industry.
Customized Options:
  • Outline dimensions.
  • Installation size and installation mode.
  • Materials of housing.
  • Surface treatment.
  • Electric connection (wiring and connector) and location.
  • Experiment projects.

Reliable supplier, manufacturer and product developer of High Quality Coumpound Slip Rings Adopting non-contact transmission of the photo signals

Reliable supplier, manufacturer and product developer of High Quality Coumpound Slip Rings Adopting non-contact transmission of the photo signals

Parameters of the compound slip ring:




Environmental Conditions




Operating Temperature



Operating Humidity



Optical Fiber




Fiber type





Insertion loss

≤2dB (Single Channel), ≤5dB (Multi Channels

Return loss



Rotary Rate

≤2000rpm (Single Channel), ≤200rpm (Multi Channels)

Connector type


Liquid (gas)

Fluid Media

Cooled liquid (gas)

Hydraulic oil










Channel diameter



Rotary Rate



Center Through Hole Size



Our high-performance slip ring products are designed for use in a wide range of high-end OEM applications. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide the right precision solution for the right application. We produce a wide variety of electric motors and slip ring assemblies, including miniature capsule slip rings, through hole slip rings, RF slip rings, compound slip rings, split slip rings, large power slip rings, deep water slip rings, ethernet slip rings, and etc. Our substantial product offering enables us to address all slip ring applications. China TrueSci offers quick, cost-effective customization of our products to meet your unique specifications.

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