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What is a slip Ring? 工业关节导电滑环
导电环的保养及维护 Maintenance of Slip Rings
导电滑环的内部结构和使用范围 导电滑环技术研究
Friction, Wear, and Noise of Slip Ring and Brush Contacts for Synchronous Satellite Use 导电滑环行业发展
海事导电滑环发展前景 导电滑环的应用和作用
大电流导电滑环的设计方案 Introduction of Slip Rings
NASA | Environmental Study of Miniature Slip Rings NASA | Space Mechanisms Lessons Learned Study incl Slip Rings
大电流导电滑环的设计方案 Optic Fibre Rotary Joints (FORJ)

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