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Mini Compact Slip Ring

Description of our mini compact slip ring:
  • Our Mini Compact Slip Ring uses casting or injection molding process to be produced with compact and mini size. It is mainly applied for transmitting low current and various LF (low frequency) and MF (medium/intermediate frequency) signals.
  • The slip ring adopts V shape design, while the brush adopts ^ single wire.
  • Both the rotor and the stator are molded as integrated structure without any disassembled parts.
  • Its concentricity can realize up to 0.02mm.
  • The through hole can be realized at the center.
  • Support transmission of up to 300 electric channels simultaneously.
  • The maximum current can be up to 20A.
  • Gold to gold contacts, with advantages of lowest contact resistance and smallest coefficient of friction to realize excellent endurance and low fluctuation of resistance and friction.
Features of our mini compact slip ring:
  • Very small size and dimension.
  • Lowest rotary torque.
  • Easy and convenient installation.
  • High reliability with very least transmission loss.
  • Compatible with transmission of Gigabit Ethernet signals.
  • Compatible with 1080P UHDV signals.
  • Can be integrated with optical fiber rotary joints.
  • Fast delivery time
  • Wide applications.
Typical Applications of our mini compact slip ring:
  • Simulators.
  • Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV).
  • Various communication system.
  • Precision test machines.
  • Robots.
Customized Options:
  • Outline dimensions.
  • Installation size and installation mode.
  • Materials of housing.
  • Surface treatment.
  • Wiring as well as the specification of the wire and cable.
  • Experiment projects.

Reliable supplier, manufacturer and product developer of High Quality Slip Rings supporting transmission of up to 300 electric channels simultaneously

Parameters of our mini compact slip ring:
Content Standard Options
Environmental Conditions Housing IP41 IP66
Operating Temperature -40℃~+60℃ -60℃~+60℃ / 0℃~+150℃
Operating Humidity ≯95% 100%
Electric Indicators Working Voltage ≤48V 380V
Current Rating ≤5A 20A
Electrical Noise ≤0.01Ω ≤0.003Ω
Insulation Resistance 200MΩ@100VDC 500MΩ@5000VDC
compression strength 300VAC 1000VAC
Signal Indicators Signal Types Audio signals, video signals, digital signals, control signals, bus signals, sensor signals, various differential signals.
Channels ≤40 ≤300
Electrical Noise ≤0.01Ω ≤0.003Ω
Mechanical Indicators Rotary Rate 0~30rpm 3000rpm
Center Through Hole Size 0 ≤7mm
Life(*) ≥600 million round ≥2000 million round
* Depends on real product application.

Our miniature compact slip rings are ideal for applications in which signals and/or power must be transmitted and where a compact footprint and low cost are important. They combine small size and high performance, making them ideal for space-critical applications.

We are in a good position to design electric slip rings to withstand the extreme conditions that are often encountered in outdoor and marine applications. From wind turbines and outdoor pan-tilt heads to marine cable reels and downhole inspection equipment, these harsh environment electric slip rings are durable and reliable enough for even the most demanding applications.

Our high-performance slip ring products are designed for use in a wide range of high-end OEM applications. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide the right precision solution for the right application. We produce a wide variety of electric motors and slip ring assemblies, including miniature capsule slip rings, through hole slip rings, RF slip rings, compound slip rings, split slip rings, large power slip rings, deep water slip rings, ethernet slip rings, and etc. Our substantial product offering enables us to address all slip ring applications. China TrueSci offers quick, cost-effective customization of our products to meet your unique specifications.

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