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RF Slip Ring (Medium/High Frequency Slip Ring)

  • Our RF slip rings simulate coaxial cable structure, mainly used for transmission of MHF (medium/high frequency) signals, UHF (ultra high frequency) signals as well as electric power current and low frequency signals.
  • The through hole can be realized at the axis center.
  • All parameters of MHF and UHF pass accurate analysis and calculation to ensure the optimal comprehensive performance result.
  • Advanced sealing structure is adopted between the MHF/UHF signal channels with excellent insulation and shielding capability.
  • Superposition of electrical path along the axial direction, adopting gold to gold multi-points contact between with least resistance, reliable and endurable for long working life.
  • Capable of adapting to various environment such as high temperature, low temperature, impacting, vibration, salt spray, damp heat, water saturation, and etc.
  • Compact structure with least space between channels.
  • With RF interface connection, convenient for installation.
  • With least insertion loss and phase variation and highest insulation.
  • Strong anti-interference signal transmission with least loss.
  • Strong environment adaptation capability.
  • Can be integrated with current, low frequency, optical fiber, liquid (gas) rotary joints
  • Maintenance-free during working life.
Typical Applications:
  • Radar System.
  • High Definition Video Transmission.
  • Satellite Antenna.




Environmental Parameters




Operating Temperature


-60+60 /0+150

Operating Humidity



MHF Parameters

Frequency Range



Insertion Loss






Phase - WOW






Central Through Bore



Mechanical Parameters

Rotary Rate




≥8 million r

≥20 million r

*Depends on product application.

UHF Parameters


single channel

binary channels

Frequency Range



Insertion Loss (Not include cable)






Phase - WOW






Central Through Bore



UHF signal with optical signal at the same time, high signal cannot achieve

Customized RF Slip Rings simulating coaxial cable structure for medium/high frequency signals and ultra high frequency signals.


Slip rings ensure engineering and design teams no longer require timely – and often costly – workarounds in order to power rotating devices, whether they be motors, military devices or rotating electrical assemblies. Playing a major role in improving mechanical performance, as well as simplifying operations, they have further further eliminated the threat of damaged and hazardous wiring and cable connections in moving joints.

Slip rings handle either power, data or both across a number of rings on which a spring or other loaded contact finger, ring or brush is held in place to pass power as the rings rotate. Power levels range from milliwatts to hundreds of kilowatts dependent on application.

Our high-performance slip rings are designed for use in a wide range of high-end OEM applications. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide the right solution for the right application of slip rings. Our high-performance slip rings are designed for use in a wide range of high-end OEM applications. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide the right solution for the right application of slip rings. We develop, manufacture and market electrical slip rings for power and signal transmission, rotary unions/joints, hybrid rotary transmissions units, fiber optic rotary joints (forj), rotary / linear encoders and RF rotary joints with the collaboration of our partners technologies of industrial applications. Our goal is to match customers requirement of slip rings through high quality products, competitive prices and prompt reliable services. To be a leading company in the field of slip rings, our aim is to fulfill our offers on exact time and perfect quality, by satisfying our customer's demand of slip ring efficiently.

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