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China TrueSci factory of slip rings

China TrueSci aims to provide the best slip rings to customers worldwide

China TrueSci is a professional enterprise integrated with R&D, manufacturing, marketing and service in the field of slip rings/rotary joints. We focus on latest technologies and develop practical & competitive slip rings to meet the demand of military and civil applications worldwide.

With ISO9001 quality management certification and Weapon Equipment Quality Management System Certification, we pay high attention to the quality and reliability of our slip rings. We also belong to the Third-Class Military Industrial Confidentiality Qualified Corporation.

With advanced equipment, positive management and rich experience, we are in a very strong and good position to supply our high quality and reliable slip rings to satisfy our customers' special demand quickly. We own well-managed factory facilities to handle orders smoothly and strong R&D team to meet the customized demand of various markets and applications. We aim to deliver the best reliable slip rings to our customers based on OEM or ODM.

We have proudly supplied a great many of designs of slip rings in various configurations for various applications from miniature slip rings to large scale slip rings. And our quality slip rings have been widely used in radars, military weapons, aerospace equipments, aircrafts, ships, engineering machinery, wind power generators, oil-drilling and security monitors, and etc. With more than 20 years of R&D development as well as manufacturing experience, China TrueSci is always ready here to provide the best service for customers worldwide.

Quick understanding to customer's demand, high efficient response to customer's request and acute sense to technologies are the main reasons why we can establish long time business relationship with our customers. We have maintained a strong presence in the market of slip rings, and a solid name for Reliability, Quality, Service, and Efficiency has been built for China TrueSci.

TrueSci Manufacturing -- Facilities

  • 30,000 square meters factory
  • Machining center with 20 tool exchanger
  • Swing lathe with multi-axis CNC
  • Transfer molding
  • Epoxy casting
  • Tool & die fabrication
  • Protective finishes—Chemical film, passivation, paint
  • Clean room with Class 100 flow benches

TrueSci Manufacturing -- People

  • 50 experienced engineers
  • Skilled production workers:
    • Polymeric applications
    • High reliability soldering
    • Precision assembly
    • Transfer molding & Epoxy casting
    • Rotor machining with diamond tools
    • Miniature resistance welding
    • Electro-static discharge

TrueSci Manufacturing -- Equipments

  • Automated test equipment
  • Cable harness analyzers
  • Dynamic resistance analyzers
  • Resolver performance
  • Fiber optic performance
  • Pressure drop and leak rate
  • RF & Digital signal testing
    • Bit Error Rate
  • Environmental testing chambers
  • Custom functional test equipment
    • Torque
    • Electronic
  • Dimensional inspection
  • Microscopic inspection
  • Calibration program

China TrueSci Factory and Manufacturing Facilities

Why Choose TrueSci to be Your Supplier of Slip Rings?

Because we are:

  • uA business partner that has rich working experience in cooperating with many esteemed customers worldwide.

  • A reliable manufacturer with a complete well-managed factory facilities to ensure your order's smooth implementation.

  • A strong R&D team to follow the latest technologies, to develop newest products and to satisfy your special and customized request.

  • A professional team that always keep customer's interest in heart and always try hard to create more value for our esteemed customers worldwide.

We China TrueSci put our customers first and we pay top attention to quality. We deliver reliable slip ring products, competitive pricing, superb technical support, and short lead times through our capable R&D team and efficient manufacturing processes. Not only do we provide the slip ring, slip ring assembly, and motor assemblies that meet your special specifications, we offer value-added services to provide you with exactly what is needed quickly and cost-effectively. We offer the best products in the industry of slip rings accurately and we aim long term business relationship with our customers worldwide.

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