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large power slip rings by china solution provider and product developer deep water slip rings designed by china manufacturer and product developer high sky slip rings developed by china solution designer and producer
  Fiber Optic Rotary Joints (FORJs)  
optic fiber rotary joint / slip ring

Slip rings are electromechanical components and allow the transmission of electrical power or signal between a stationary and a rotating system or two counter-rotating components via a sliding contact (brush). In addition to core requirements (e.g. wear resistance and contact quality) slip ring systems may vary depending on the specific conditions of use and transmission power required. Our slip ring systems withstand harsh environmental conditions such as corrosive/salty air or strong vibrations. Thus they ensure the reliable functionality of entire machine systems.

In addition, we offer fibre optic rotary joints that are contact-free and thus suitable for the transmission of high data rates. Slip ring systems are found in many electrical machines. The spectrum ranges from the mA/mV range up to 200 A/1500 V. For example, they are used:
in surveillance systems (e.g. radar systems)
in medical technology (e.g. supporting arm lamps)
in the world of renewable energies (e.g. wind turbines)
in high-frequency technology
in digital data transmission
in computer networks


Slip ring systems can be found in many electrical machines. Thanks to their robust construction, they ensure the functionality of entire machine systems. In addition, we offer optic fibre rotary joints for the contact-free transmission of high data rates.

China TrueSci industrial slip rings provide the solution to transmit electric power and electrical signals from stationary to rotating units in all types of machines like radar system, antenna dishes, revolving cranes, rotating purifiers in sewage or water treatment facilities, carrousels, manipulators, wrapping machines, theatre stages, wind turbines as well as in cable reels. Our fully developed and versatile standard program facilitates to assemble slip ring assemblies with any number of poles. Current ratings up to 1200 A and voltages up to 24 kV are possible. The range in size for the slip ring assemblies starts with 30 mm up to 360 mm diameter and lined up to 100-poles. Slip ring assemblies can be supplied either as open, “non-enclosed” types for special customer adaptations, or totally enclosed with high impact plastic or galvanised steel housing even for hazardous locations. Additional rotating couplings are available for fluids or gases and fiber optic swivels can be integrated. Providing custom solutions is what we do best! We can meet your exact needs of slip rings.

Slip rings ensure engineering and design teams no longer require timely – and often costly – workarounds in order to power rotating devices, whether they be motors, military devices or rotating electrical assemblies. Playing a major role in improving mechanical performance, as well as simplifying operations, they have further further eliminated the threat of damaged and hazardous wiring and cable connections in moving joints.

Slip rings handle either power, data or both across a number of rings on which a spring or other loaded contact finger, ring or brush is held in place to pass power as the rings rotate. Power levels range from milliwatts to hundreds of kilowatts dependent on application.

Our high-performance slip rings are designed for use in a wide range of high-end OEM applications. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide the right solution for the right application of slip rings. We develop, manufacture and market electrical slip rings for power and signal transmission, rotary unions/joints, hybrid rotary transmissions units, fiber optic rotary joints (forj), rotary / linear encoders and RF rotary joints with the collaboration of our partners technologies of industrial applications. Our goal is to match customers requirement of slip rings through high quality products, competitive prices and prompt reliable services. To be a leading company in the field of slip rings, our aim is to fulfill our offers on exact time and perfect quality, by satisfying our customer's demand of slip ring efficiently.

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