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Fibre Optic Rotary Joints (FORJs)



Fibre-optic rotary joints (FORJs) are the optical equivalent to electric slip rings. They allow for the uninterrupted transmission of optical signals while rotating around their shaft. Fiber Optic Rotary Joint (FORJ) is to optical signals what electrical slip rings are to electrical signals, one way to pass signals across rotating interfaces, particularly when transmitting large amounts of data. Fibre-optic rotary joints (FORJs) are widely used in the telecommunications industry and in defence technologies, such as with radars, robotic systems, oil drilling, unmanned craft, sensors, and other applications that require continuous rotation. FORJ maintains the intrinsic advantages of fiber end to end. FORJs are divided into single-channel and multi-channel FORJs. Multi-channel FORJs require a high-precision gear system to provide stable rotation. All multi-channel FORJs are sealed for harsh environment application. We have abundant experience in providing custom and low loss fibre optic rotary joints for our customers.

The fiber optic rotary joint has been widely used in the field of national denfence and industrial design.

Please feel free to contact us for reliable Rotary joints with high-quality optical and mechanical properties. Truesci Fine Works treasures the opportunity to be your best supplier of Fibre Optic Rotary Joints (FORJs). Truesci aims to meet your unique demand of Fibre Optic Rotary Joint (FORJ) with high efficiency and competitive price.

Typical Applications of Fibre Optic Rotary Joints (FORJs)

  • Remotely operated vehicles
  • Oceanographic winches
  • Cable reels
  • Towed arrays and dipping sonar
  • Undersea telemetry
  • Robotics


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